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Last updated July 11th, 2019

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Search Engines, etc

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The following category titles are in alphabetical order

Christian and related sites

A Wilderness Voice in Search of a City - all about biblical Christianity outside the so-called church.
Arthur Blessitt - the guy who has carried the cross in every country
The Barna Research Group
The Bible League - spreading bibles for only $4 each around the world
Blue Letter Bible - look up scriptures here.
Frank Viola's Website - author of Pagan Christianity.
Fires of Revival - read some great sermons by Charles G. Finney and others
Focus on the Family - Dr. James Dobson
Hope Beyond Hell - universal reconciliation through Jesus in the ages to come?
In Touch Ministries - Dr. Charles Stanley
Jeremiah Films - makers of "The Clinton Chronicles"
Lambert Dolphin's Research Library - excellant site. A lifetime of study by this scientist
The late Larry Norman's official site - the sometimes strange and totally Larry
Paidion Books - great site about biblical Christianity.
Pocket Testament League - get pocket NT's to hand out as a witnessing tool.
The Pulpit Series by David Wilkerson - new anointed writings every 3 weeks.
The Tent Maker Website - thorough greater hope (UR) site.
Theophilos! - makers of some of the greatest bible software I've ever seen, and the basic version is FREE!
Tithing not Biblical - exactly what the title says.
Truth for Free - another site about what real 'church' is.
Watchman Nee Writings - by Living Stream Ministry.

Computers and Software

CD Access Store - another place to buy software
CNET - - free downloads
Microsoft - Do you really want to go here? PRAY first!

Desktop themes, etc.

Open Cursor Library - download lots of cursors and make your own.

Holiday stuff and e-cards - all kinds of stuff for the holidays


CNN interactive
CNS - Conservative News Service
Enumclaw Courier Herald - our local newspaper since 1900. Includes local weather.
Fox News - "fair and balanced", unlike the other networks
National Review Online - the National Review magazine on the web
News Max - as seen on Fox News. The Commies and Liberals on ABC, NBC, and CBS aren't going to tell you the true stories that are found here!
The Washington Times - frontpage. Reports what the other papers are afraid to
WorldNetDaily - "A Free Press for a Free People". This is a MUST READ news site, fast becoming the most popular in the world


AccuWeather - get your local weather delivered to your inbox daily
Weather from Yahoo - with doppler
The Weather Channel - type in your zip and get the 10 day forecast
The Weather Channel for Buckley area - 10 day forecast

Web design help

HTML Help by the WDG - from the Web Design Group with everything you need to know
Web authoring FAQ's - for beginners to advanced with all your questions answered from the WDG
The WDG hasn't updated the above two links since 2011, but they have a new updated site which is well organized:
www Help Page - another excellant site with everything

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