Contact Curtis Lee Hall


My usual contact form is currently not working, so here are alternative ways to contact me.

You can simply call me by phone at

(+1) 360 829 0971 in the United States.

You can snail mail me (not preferred) at:

Curtis Lee Hall
PO Box 781
Buckley, WA 98321

OK, here is my email address. I have to use a few tricks here to keep the spambots from hijacking my address. Please follow these instructions...

Put lines numbered 2, 4, 6, and 8 together in order, or put the red colored text together in order, and you will have my email address:

1. My nickname is
2. Rughead
3. !$*^
4. @
5. dtz
6. tx3
7. .tv .bus
8. .net

I know, sort of stupid, but spammers are a real problem. :)